What is Cody Cares?


Cody Cares Day is an annual event organized by the Cody Rotary Club, which is held in the town of Cody, Wyoming. The event is designed to provide a day of service to the community and bring people together to help improve the town and the lives of its residents, showing WY We Care.

The Cody Rotary Club is a local chapter of Rotary International, a global organization that is committed to making positive changes in the world through service projects and community outreach programs. The club is made up of a group of local business leaders and community members who are dedicated to improving the quality of life in Cody and surrounding areas.

Downtown Cody Clean Up - First Annual Cody Cares Day, 2022

Where it All Began


The first Cody Cares Day took place in 2022, with the idea and adaptation of the previous Cody Rotary Club Show, a show that helped raise funds for the Cody community for years. Cody Cares was a new way to give back and help preserve the beauty of our home.


Since then, it has grown in size and scope. Each year, the event brings together over a hundred volunteers from all walks of life, including Rotary members, local residents, businesses, organizations, churches, and students from the local schools.


Cody Cares Day has become a beloved tradition in the community, and it has had a significant impact on the town and its residents. The event has helped to beautify the town and improve the quality of life for its residents, while also fostering a sense of community spirit and volunteerism.

How to Help Out

The day of service typically begins with a kickoff breakfast, where volunteers gather to receive their assignments and get to know each other. From there, they disperse to various locations throughout the town to work on projects such as painting, landscaping, and cleaning up parks and public spaces.

There are various ways to help with each year’s projects, starting with:

  1. Joining Cody Rotary Club to help plan the event
  2. Help Volunteer your time on Cody Cares Day
  3. Have your organization or business become a sponsor (Click to learn more about the benefits of sponsoring)
  4. Donate to the Cody Cares Day Fund to help with the resources for this year’s clean up and give back to the projects we do for the community
Raking the Tennis Court - First Annual Cody Cares Day, 2022
Replacing a Slide at Mentock Park - First Annual Cody Cares Day, 2022

Our Mission

Help Out Cody Cares Today!


Weekly Rotary Meetings at the Cody Clubroom on Thursdays at Noon